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CrystalWerx is a dedicated cloud platform that collects and prepares data for use in ERP, reporting, and analysis.

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ONE platform, ANY DATA

CrystalWerx is a new type of collaborative workspace for extracting, preparing, and blending data. Data is collected from various sources and stored in elastic CrystalWerx tables. People interact with data using views and forms and with each other using familiar social networking concepts. Work is distributed with event driven processes while the system constantly validates and improves data using predefined rules. Perfected and approved data is sent on to be used by other ERP systems, analytic tools, and reports.

Upfront data modeling is not required

Data sources are recognized on the fly without any complex ETL process. Non-technical users perform data transformation and blending operations in easy to understand steps. Compared to blending data in Excel or working directly with an SQL database, CrystalWerx can speed up and simplify your work.

Strong Validation

Attach validation rules to table columns and make sure invalid values are always counted, reported, and prevented. Create automatic value setters that populate columns with calculated and look-up values.

Tables and Forms

Use the interactive table editors to view, filter and edit data on PC's, tablets and phones. Generate custom views and interactive HTML5 forms with one click.


Manage users with roles and organize data in folders with access control lists. Assign data entry tasks to users, monitor progress and receive notifications when tasks are completed. Add public comments to data and communicate directly with built in messaging tools.

Process Automation

Use the comprehensive scripting language to automate import/export operations and data manipulation. Create event driven workflows using scripts that run when tasks are completed. Develop custom user interfaces with HTML/Javascript, AJAX, and the built in web services.

CrystalWerx can solve your data challenges.

For the Individual

Solve everyday data problems. Import and export tabular data from Excel, CSV, or JSON. Blend, filter, and transform data to any format you need. Let the Rule Engine automatically locate and repair data problems.

For the Enterprise

Build enterprise data solutions. Import and export enterprise data from systems like SAP. Allow team members to collaborate anywhere anytime on any device. Use forms and tasks to create event driven processes and workflows.

For the Developer

Develop complete applications. Create C# scripts that import, manipulate, and export data automatically. Build custom user interfaces with HTML/Javascript pages. Package and deploy your apps to other CrystalWerx sites.

CrystalWerx Features

Elastic Data Engine

CrystalWerx uses a fast elastic data engine to support any type of tabular or hierarchical data with very little setup. In just a few clicks you can upload, transform, view, sort, filter, and edit large amounts of complex data.

Excel Gateway

The CrystalWerx Excel Add-In (in the Office Store) can copy any worksheet table directly into a CrystalWerx table, and conversely, any CrystalWerx table can be copied directly into a worksheet.

Team Editor

CrystalWerx provides a friendly team editor that allows individuals to collaborate on data simultaneously. Validated edits are done one cell at a time and updates are broadcast to the screen of each contributor.


CrystalWerx makes it easy to create different views of your tabular data and restrict certain users to certain columns. Each view defines a set of columns to display and controls the input type and formatting of each individual column.

SAP Gateway

CrystalWerx can read data directly from SAP gateway services. The OData services are used to capture all the details about the data and efficiently stream it directly into CrystalWerx tables.

Access Control

CrystalWerx makes it easy to setup ad-hoc teams of data contributors. Data is organized in folders and each team member can be assigned unique read/write permissions in a folder.


CrystalWerx makes it easy to create simple forms for your data that allow users to add new rows or edit existing rows. Each form defines a set of columns to display and controls the type of each input field. Drop-downs and look-ahead entry is easy to setup.

Strong Validation

CrystalWerx use a fast validation engine that can associate rules to column data types and make sure invalid values are counted and reported. Bad data is prevented by enforcing the rules during team edits and calculating default values.


Folder permissions can be used to enable logging of every team edit. The log tracks who, when, before value, and after value. The system dashboard shows how many edits are done each day and how many validation errors remain.


CrystalWerx makes it easy to transform data into different formats. Whenever data is copied it can be sliced horizontally or vertically, columns can be remapped or combined, and values can be recalculated or converted.

Reference Data

CrystalWerx makes it easy to create drop-down lists of reference data. Any column from any table can be the source of reference data and filtering makes it easy to setup context sensitive (cascading) drop-downs.


CrystalWerx provides a powerful scripting language that can be used to automate transformation and movement of data. Scripts are associated with Folders and can be executed manually or automatically whenever data is added to the folder.

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