CrystalWerx is a new company with a fresh outlook on flexible self-service data management.

Our mission is to build tools that help people harvest, transform, and move data in the cloud. To achieve this result we created a new type of collaborative workspace that allows teams to work together and automate the operations required to manipulate data. In this environment people interact with cloud data using browser based editors and with each other using familiar social networking concepts. Work is distributed using event driven processes while the system constantly validates and improves data using predefined rules.

We believe that producing and managing data remains an expensive and time consuming process, and many individuals and organizations would like to find a better way to get the job done. Traditionally the cost of creating custom solutions has made them impractical for many. We see an opportunity to dramatically lower the cost of setup, training, and ownership to a point where we can address a much larger market for DIY data management.

Paul W. Mott